Credit Repair

Credit Repair



Credit repair is the process of repairing one’s credit through the removal of inaccurate & negative information from their credit report in order to achieve a higher credit score. Credit repair is made possible due creditors being impatient and not following the correct or proper procedures required when placing a debt on someone’s credit report.

Personal and Commercial! So rather if you need credit repair to qualify for personal or business credit, we have you covered! Yes, we work with both Personal & Business Loans Credit Repair Specialist. Both are former leaders in the Real Estate Industry that decided to change fields I order to fight the good fight of credit repair. With them they brought their Professionalism, ethics, and years of Real Estate & Finance knowledge.

Credit repair can take as little as 2 weeks or 6 months depending on the number of debts needing deleting and how fast the creditor/ debtor responds. For those needing a quick boost in their credit score, this can be accomplished by way of purchasing authorized user tradelines.

Let me first start by saying that tradelines are a blessing to those in need of a quick 50 to 100+ points increase in their credit scores expeditiously. Tradelines, are credit accounts already in good standing. How the process works of adding tradelines to your credit report is by way of adding you as an authorized user to a very mature, and already in good standing credit account. What does this do? Adding positive accounts to one’s credit report offset’s the negative accounts with positive ones. In this process you do not receive a physical credit card but as an authorize user you receive the benefits of the card holders’ credit account, and credit scores, giving you a major boost to your credit scores, and overall credit profile basically overnight! This is all from being added on to an individual’s already in good standing credit accounts. I know right! This will essentially take you from being a low credit nonqualifying applicant being looked down on, to a more than qualified borrower with options in as little as 2-3 weeks. So yes, adding authorized user tradelines to your credit report is by far the best and fastest way to build credit and increase your credit scores.

Credit repair companies request and review your credit report from each of the 3 major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax). They then create, and execute a plan to fix, or delete any discrepancies. They also recommend other ways to improve your credit scores. This is mainly done through legal forms and letters sent by way of certified mail. Then by law the Creditors are allotted 30 days to respond to the letters, along with a grace period for mail delivery. So, most credit repair specialist from experience know that it could take up to 45 days for a response but have seen removal of debts and significant score increases in as little as 10-15 days.

It is important to note that good or bad credit is based on Negative & Positive debt, and the ability to repay back those debts. Obtaining and keeping good credit is based on how well one manages their debts. Now for someone who has never had a credit card, loan, or any type of credit line, applying, and qualifying for credit is difficult due to them not yet having credit, or credit scores. But don’t be discouraged! This person is usually in a better credit state then one that was previously approved for a credit line, and then later defaulted. So, no credit is essentially better than bad created due to being able to obtain tradelines as an authorized user. Now to those who unfortunately have bad credit, don’t be discouraged as well! As bad credit keeping someone from qualifying for credit is now a thing of the past, as bad credit can now be corrected in a matter of days. Let’s say you were trying to qualify for a home loan, and you were denied due to bad credit scores and a few negative items on your credit report. I as a loan officer can run what is called a what if scenario through a program called a what if simulator and obtain exactly what is needed to increase your scores to a qualifying score and above. We can then work together to do what was requested by the simulator rather it is to pay something down, off or negotiate with a creditor to reduce the balance owed to a more affordable amount. No matter the case, once those items are in order, we can then perform what is called a rapid rescore and adjust your credit scores to reflect the changes in 3-5 business days, making you a now approved borrower. And always remember that you still have credit repair as an option if you cannot afford to do what is requested by the what if simulator. Ok, now for those who have good credit and no worries. When you have open credit accounts in good standings, lenders and all 3 credit bureaus can clearly see that you are not a credit risk and very disciplined with the repayment of your current credit accounts. With a quick debt to income ratio calculation to confirm that you have not maxed out your credit, the odds of approval are basically 100%. Of course, I’m sure that you already knew this, but there may be someone with no credit that may not have!!! Long story short, it is safe to say that good money and debt management Increases the chances and odds of qualifying for whatever loan type that individual is applying for. Learning to keep your revolving accounts under 30% utilization, but most importantly making on time payments is really important and could mean the difference between an immediate or delayed approval.

Quick Note: A good guardian of credit is one that constantly monitors their credit scores and credit accounts through phone apps etc., keeping an eye on their credit to make sure that all is always in good standings and good order. This is considered good debt and credit housekeeping. And with fraud on the rise, it is more important than ever to keep a good watch in order to always stay ahead of your credit.

So, to Boost your credit scores, increase your odds of approval, and receive the best rate the market has to offer due to higher qualifying scores


In some cases, you could go from a nonqualifying credit score to a more than qualifying credit score in as little as 3 Days!!!! Credit Repair, Rapid Rescore, or Authorized user tradelines can make this possible!!!!


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